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Project: 24 – Celebrating 24 Hour Comics Drawing Day!

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Our Books Press Release

(above: art by Em Satya)

Our Books invites Cambodian artists to contribute to Project: 24, celebrating
worldwide Comics Drawing day – Saturday October 18th.


Many artists in Cambodia don’t have time or money to take a full day off from their
job. And publishing opportunities are not frequent. But Cambodian creators have a
love of comics and curiosity about overseas art.

To introduce Khmer artists to the international community, Our Books is coordinating
Project: 24, inviting artists to draw one page / one person / one hour.

When completed, the pages will be put on the internet with artist details:
* Our Books Web site
* Comicslifestyle.com
* The pages will be submitted to the 24 Hour Comics Drawing Day Archive at Ohio
State University, USA.
* An exhibition will be discussed.

Artists are requested to choose their hour by calling the Our Books office (023 223
242) to coordinate. Please submit before Saturday the 18th if possible. Pages should
be in black and white, any size. Scans and photocopies of the pages will be sent one
week after the event, to allow for provincial artists to participate. (October

This is not an official ’24 Hour Comics Day’ event, but will open the door for an
official event next year.

How artists can share their work:

* send by email: editor@siewphewyeung.org.kh

* send to Our Books’ P.O. Box 1342

* or give in person at Our Books’ office, which will be open all day Saturday

Questions? Phone 012 526 840 (English) / 023 223 242

Email editor@siewphewyeung.org.kh

- John Weeks
Assistant Managing Editor, Our Books
012 526 840 / 023 223 242
john [via] siewphewyeung.org.kh