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Uth Roeun’s ‘Torn Chey’ Featured in Laura Mam’s ‘Yosop Yulsong’

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If you’re familiar with Khmer music, you’ve probably heard of Laura Mam. And if you’re familiar with Khmer comics, you’ll probably be familiar with the classic artist Uth Roeun.  (If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.)


Also, now on YouTube: http://youtu.be/OX879Tpxiqw

Please check out this mix of old and new!

AsiaLife #45: The Comics Issue

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AsiaLife Comics Issue

Available now on the stands in Phnom Penh and varied venues throughout the Kingdom: quite possible the first local periodical to take as its theme, Khmer comics! Interviews with Uth Roeun, Soeung Makara, Try Samphos, and many more. Learn about the ups and downs of the world of comics, where to get them locally, as well as more arty articles about animation and graffiti! www.asialifeguide.com

Web Article: http://www.asialifeguide.com/Cover-Story/cambodian-comics-a-new-leaf.html
Direct download link: (25 megabytes, big!) http://bit.ly/9L2rj9

Cambodian Comics on the Map

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…becoming visible slowly but surely. Lambiek Comiclopedia cribs some notes from Our Books, including -
Uth Roeun / Im Sokha / Em Satya !

below: Im Sokha in our Archives.