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Barcamp Kampot Comic Jam Session

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(Session is in Khmer language / some English)

It’s time to draw! No experience necessary, let’s collaborate!
Join comic artists John Weeks and Sao Sreymao as we ‘jam’ to develop a short comic together with short sketch exercises!

New artists and amateurs are encouraged, all are welcome. The results will be compiled as an online comic.

About the Speakers: John Weeks is the Managing Editor of local nonprofit Our Books, cultivating the art form of comics in Cambodia. He has taught comics workshops at numerous tech, IT and youth gatherings.

Sao Sreymao is a Cambodian comics artist from Battambang who has published numerous Khmer language comics. She works as a commercial comics artist, creates educational comics as well as her own personal work, and has been exhibited as a professional creator.


វាគ្មិន៖ លោក ចន វីកស៍ និងកញ្ញា សៅ ស្រីម៉ៅ

ប្រធានបទ៖ គំនូររហ័សសេរី បាខេមកំពត

ដល់ពេលត្រូវគូររូបហើយ!​​​ គ្មានបទពិសោធន៍មិនសំខាន់​ តោះនាំគ្នាគូរទាំងអស់គ្នា!

ចូលរួមជាមួយវិចិត្រករគំនូររឿងរូបភាព លោកចន វីកស៍​ និង​ កញ្ញាសៅ ស្រីម៉ៅ​ ដោយគ្រាន់តែបង្កើត

នូវរឿងរូបភាពខ្លីៗជាមួយគ្នា​ ដោយការគូររូបព្រាងខ្លីៗប៉ុណ្ណោះ។

វិចិត្រករថ្មី​ និងអ្នកដែលមានចំនូលចិត្តខាងគំនូរគឺត្រូវបានលើកទឹកចិត្ត សូមស្វាគមន៍ទាំងអស់គ្នា!


សូមណែនាំវាគ្មិន​ លោក ចន វីកស៍ គឺជានាយកផ្នែកបោះពុម្ពផ្សាយនៃអង្គការមិនស្វែងរកប្រាក់

ចំណេញក្នុងស្រុកមួយគឺ អង្គការ សៀវភៅយើង ដែលបាននឹងកំពុងផ្តួចផ្តើមអោយមានទម្រង់សិល្បៈ

នៃគំនូររឿងរូបភាពក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា។​ គាត់បានបង្រៀនអំពីគំនូររឿងរូបភាពក្នុងសិក្ខាសាលា ដែល

ទាក់ទងជាមួយបច្ចេកវិជ្ជា និង​​យុវជនជាច្រើន។

កញ្ញាសៅ ស្រីម៉ៅ គឺជាវិចិត្រករគំនូររឿងរូបភាពមកពីខេត្តបាត់ដំបងដែលបាន និងកំពុងបោះពុម្ព

ផ្សាយនូវគំនូររឿងរូបភាពជាភាសារខ្មែរយ៉ាងច្រើន។ នាងគឺជាវិចិត្រករ ឯករាជ្យ​ ដែលបានបង្កើតគំនូរ

រឿងរូបភាពផ្នែកអប់រំ​​ ហើយត្រូវបានធ្វើការតាំងពិពណ៌ជាស្នាដៃដែលលក្ខណៈច្នៃប្រឌិត និងអាជីព។

Researchers and Researchees

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Surprise visit from Tomoko Okada of the Tokyo University for Foreign Studies!

Tomoko Okada Visit

Dr. Okada is a tireless teacher and an enthusiast for Khmer culture in Japan.
We caught up on comics drawn by Japanese artists (mangaka) in Cambodia, comics drawn about Cambodia, and issues pertaining to the indigenization of manga.

Hul Sophon

We were also honored this Monday to spend nearly two hours recording an interview with prolific artist Hul Sophon.
As one of the two last (known) surviving comics artists from the pre-revolutionary era, he had lots to share about literature both past and present.

While his covers are omnipresent at Cambodian bookshops, his relatively small number of comics were less lucky.
You can see his most recent work on novel covers, and childrens’ story books at Banteay Srei bookshop in Phnom Penh.

Memo for Lok Kru

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It was great to catch up!  We welcome your budget (and curriculum vitae).

Art News: Women’s Comics Class

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For the next two months Sara Drake will be conducting a FREE women’s comics class in Phnom Penh.
No experience required. Hooray comics culture!
For more information, click the flyers below or check the project’s blog/Facebook Page. http://iydcpc.wordpress.cohttp://www.facebook.com/groups/CambodianComics/


Tidbits – Student Comics Anthology

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At the invitation of Northbridge International School, Our Books participated in the ‘Yearly Cultural Exchange‘ ‘CX 2010′, including students from International School of Phnom Penh, and also International School of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Vientiane International School (Laos), International School Eastern Seaboard (Thailand), Saigon South International School (Vietnam), Hanoi International School (Vietnam), and United Nations International School (Vietnam).

After two days of sharing and teaching about Cambodian and international comics we came up with this anthology created by students in grades 6 through 9. Included are student stories and collaborative ‘jam strips’. You can read or download the comic by clicking on the cover or via these links to varied formats:
PDF File
Comic Book Reader File
Comic Book Archive File
ePub File


Fulbright Comics Session at Royal University of Fine Art

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Our Books staff joined Fulbright Scholar Jan Arabas to talk about comics history and do a simple ‘quick comic’ session. Managing Editor John Weeks and Artist Moeu Diyadarvuth were joined by independent publisher (and former Our Books Graphic Designer) Try Samphos.

our book video

The conversation is in English and (mostly) Khmer. At the end the students displayed and discussed their works. (Thanks to Rick for video!)

Fulbright Visit

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A fuzzy phone photo of visiting Fulbright Scholar Jan Arabas!

Presenting some books from her USA class to our team in Phnom Penh!

Jan Arabas

Jan will be conducting an art exchange program with her students in Lowell, Massachusetts and also creators at the Royal University of Fine Art.

She’s also looking forward to taking some of Our Books back for Lowell’s upcoming Water Festival! (More pictures and news to come.)

International Journal of Comic Art Staff Visit Cambodia

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Editors John Lent and Xu Ying recently toured Southeast Asia, and wasted no time in tracking down local comic artists. Their time in Cambodia saw them visit Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.


After meeting with creators and academics, it looks like some plans are in motion to develop a ‘symposium’ of Cambodia comics articles in an upcoming issue of the Journal.

(Above, left to right: academic John Lent, artists Moeu ‘Vuth’ Diyadaravuth, Chan Pisey, Nhek Sophaleap, Prom Vorleak, Try Samphos, translator Soeun Klo.)
Journal staff also met classic comics artist Uth Roeun, and comic chronicler John Marston.
We will keep you posted as papers and plans develop!

International Journal of Comic Art: http://www.ijoca.com

BarCamp Chiang Mai: DIY Comics Workshop

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One of the many multifarious topics at BarCamp Chiang Mai:

How To Draw A Comic in 20 Minutes.” by Our Books Managing Editor John Weeks.

Barcamp Chiang Mai - Comics Workshop
(Above: Aimeng Pattanaiem and Hang Dao: ‘Is this guy serious’? Thanks to Minh Ngoc for photo.)

After a quick breakdown of tools, topic and format we jumped in, and shortly after took digital photos of the results.  (When would we get another chance?)


Below: PDFs of our comics!

Favorite_Things_Cover FootBall_Sucks_Cover
My Favorite Things Football Sucks
Mimi Shake_It_Cover
Talking To My Pet Mimi Shake It!

Beer Camp


24 Hour Comics Drawing Day

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Streaming Video by Ustream.TV
Once a year, cartoonists around the world participate in 24 Hour Comics Day! Java Café & Gallery will host a Cambodian contingent joining cartoonists all over the planet who are attempting to draw 24 pages in 24 hours.

The 24 Hour Comic is a ‘free drawing’ exercise designed to unlock creativity. Our Books has been developing Project: 24 since October 2008 to gradually introduce Cambodian artists to this unique exercise and the global comics community.

This year marks the first time Cambodian comic artists will attempt to ‘go the distance’ for a full drawing day. Cambodian and overseas artists are welcome to join the drawing marathon at Java Café’s new downstairs space, beginning at 8am SHARP October 03.

Art supplies, paper and coffee will be provided until 8am the following morning. One-page efforts from 2008 will be posted as example and incentive for this year’s effort.

All artwork will be posted as it is finished on the walls of Java Café, to be exhibited for the following month. A live webcam linkup and Twitter feed will be accessible via http://www.javaarts.org . Staff from Cambodia’s comics nonprofit Our Books will be on hand to scan pages and assist overall documentation of the event.
• Artists: bring your ideas and enthusiasm, we will see who makes it to 8am the following morning!
• Amateurs: all nationalities are welcome, regardless of your skill level, please feel free to give it a try!
• Enthusiasts: enjoy reading comics? Check in on use in person or via the web to see art in action and cheer us on! We’ll need all the encouragement we can get!
• Pages will be on sale for $24 a page, at the discretion of the artist. (We request that they remain on display at Java for the following month’s display.)

As with the previous year, we offer participants a ‘Cambodian Variation’: One artist – one page – one hour of the day. Many Khmer artists have jobs, school, and family obligations, but all artists who have an hour to spare are welcome to join the exhibition!

‘Best of’ pages from 2008 and 2009 will be collected in a photocopied ‘zine’ collection and archived on the web as a ‘Who’s Who’ of contemporary Khmer comic art by Our Books, as well as sent to the permanent 24 Hour Comics archive.

Event Time: 8am Saturday October 03 to 8am Sunday October 04, 2009.
Event Location: Java Café & Gallery, 56e1 Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Event on Facebook:

+855 (0)12 526 840 (John, Our Books)
+855 (0) 12 894 180 (Dana, Java Café)

For more information, updates and background, to follow shortly at http://www.javaarts.org !