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24 Hour Comics Day 2009 – Exhibition (and aftermath)

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Every picture tells a story, and you can see them at Java Cafe and Gallery all this next month in Phnom Penh!


A stalwart crew arrived and each participant managed to adhere to the ‘one page / one hour’ rule! Thanks to Try Samphos, Qudy Xu, Lina Lim, Nhek Sophealeap, Soeung Makara, Tuy Chanthoeurn, Moeu Diyadaravuth, Sebastian Marot, Tek Tevin, Pou Chakriya, Sao Channa, and special thanks to Sim Sisavuthara and Kheng Vanleab for technical support!

Comics were scanned as we go and archived on Flickr, Comics Lifestyle, and will be sent to the International 24 Hour comics archive.


Kudos to Peou Ty and Sao Sreymao (1st and 2nd, respectively) for their overnight stint doing long stories! A night to remember!



More observation and commentary: blogger/Asialife writer Nathalie Abejero.

24 Hour Comics Drawing Day

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Streaming Video by Ustream.TV
Once a year, cartoonists around the world participate in 24 Hour Comics Day! Java Café & Gallery will host a Cambodian contingent joining cartoonists all over the planet who are attempting to draw 24 pages in 24 hours.

The 24 Hour Comic is a ‘free drawing’ exercise designed to unlock creativity. Our Books has been developing Project: 24 since October 2008 to gradually introduce Cambodian artists to this unique exercise and the global comics community.

This year marks the first time Cambodian comic artists will attempt to ‘go the distance’ for a full drawing day. Cambodian and overseas artists are welcome to join the drawing marathon at Java Café’s new downstairs space, beginning at 8am SHARP October 03.

Art supplies, paper and coffee will be provided until 8am the following morning. One-page efforts from 2008 will be posted as example and incentive for this year’s effort.

All artwork will be posted as it is finished on the walls of Java Café, to be exhibited for the following month. A live webcam linkup and Twitter feed will be accessible via http://www.javaarts.org . Staff from Cambodia’s comics nonprofit Our Books will be on hand to scan pages and assist overall documentation of the event.
• Artists: bring your ideas and enthusiasm, we will see who makes it to 8am the following morning!
• Amateurs: all nationalities are welcome, regardless of your skill level, please feel free to give it a try!
• Enthusiasts: enjoy reading comics? Check in on use in person or via the web to see art in action and cheer us on! We’ll need all the encouragement we can get!
• Pages will be on sale for $24 a page, at the discretion of the artist. (We request that they remain on display at Java for the following month’s display.)

As with the previous year, we offer participants a ‘Cambodian Variation’: One artist – one page – one hour of the day. Many Khmer artists have jobs, school, and family obligations, but all artists who have an hour to spare are welcome to join the exhibition!

‘Best of’ pages from 2008 and 2009 will be collected in a photocopied ‘zine’ collection and archived on the web as a ‘Who’s Who’ of contemporary Khmer comic art by Our Books, as well as sent to the permanent 24 Hour Comics archive.

Event Time: 8am Saturday October 03 to 8am Sunday October 04, 2009.
Event Location: Java Café & Gallery, 56e1 Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Event on Facebook:

+855 (0)12 526 840 (John, Our Books)
+855 (0) 12 894 180 (Dana, Java Café)

For more information, updates and background, to follow shortly at http://www.javaarts.org !

ComicKaze Cambodia 2009

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ComicKaze Cambodia 2009 took place with a live video feed at ‘The Living Room’ this Saturday.

Thanks to all our overseas friends who encouraged us and said hello! Cheers to ComicsLifestyle.com for hosting & PulpFaction.net for facilitating this year’s challenge!

Here are some of the results below. (Click to enlarge)

Comickaze Cambodia

Tuy Chanthoeurn

Comickaze Cambodia

Chan Pisey

Comickaze Cambodia

Peou Ty

Introduce Yourself: Tek Tevin

Tek Tevin

Comickaze Cambodia

Kong Monirath

ComicKaze Cambodia

John Weeks

Moeu Diyadaravuth

Moeu Diyadaravuth

Try Samphos Comic

Try Samphos

In addition to drawing some one page / one artist / one hour  comics, we also conducted two impromptu workshops for children from Aziza school. Ranging from grade school to high school age, this was unexpected and a lot of fun. (Below: Moeu Diyadaravuth and Chan Pisey)
Impromptu Teaching Session 012 small

Impromptu Teaching Session 002 small
(Pictures courtesy Amanda Mithers.)

Australian participants are at: http://tinyurl.com/qkflgq

More: http://www.comicslifestyle.com/group/comikaze2009

Cambodia raw scans and pix at http://www.flickr.com/photos/comicslifestyle/tags/comickazecambodia/

Phnom Penh Post – Cambodian Comic Challenge

Watch this page, more to follow as photos and emails trickle in!

We are in the process of sorting the art that emerged from workshops and creators to share on the walls of  ‘Living Room Café. Come by Monday for a look!

Project: 24 – Celebrating 24 Hour Comics Drawing Day!

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Our Books Press Release

(above: art by Em Satya)

Our Books invites Cambodian artists to contribute to Project: 24, celebrating
worldwide Comics Drawing day – Saturday October 18th.


Many artists in Cambodia don’t have time or money to take a full day off from their
job. And publishing opportunities are not frequent. But Cambodian creators have a
love of comics and curiosity about overseas art.

To introduce Khmer artists to the international community, Our Books is coordinating
Project: 24, inviting artists to draw one page / one person / one hour.

When completed, the pages will be put on the internet with artist details:
* Our Books Web site
* Comicslifestyle.com
* The pages will be submitted to the 24 Hour Comics Drawing Day Archive at Ohio
State University, USA.
* An exhibition will be discussed.

Artists are requested to choose their hour by calling the Our Books office (023 223
242) to coordinate. Please submit before Saturday the 18th if possible. Pages should
be in black and white, any size. Scans and photocopies of the pages will be sent one
week after the event, to allow for provincial artists to participate. (October

This is not an official ’24 Hour Comics Day’ event, but will open the door for an
official event next year.

How artists can share their work:

* send by email: editor@siewphewyeung.org.kh

* send to Our Books’ P.O. Box 1342

* or give in person at Our Books’ office, which will be open all day Saturday

Questions? Phone 012 526 840 (English) / 023 223 242

Email editor@siewphewyeung.org.kh

- John Weeks
Assistant Managing Editor, Our Books
012 526 840 / 023 223 242
john [via] siewphewyeung.org.kh