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When we’re not doing comics, we often marshal Our Books resources to assist in illustration, graphic design and layout.

Since Our Books was founded (and perhaps a little bit before) we’ve been doing illustrations for Bridges Across Borders‘ (now Equitable Cambodia)’s paralegal manual:

A Cambodian Guide to Defending Land and Housing Rights
Simple resources for a growing topic of concern in Cambodia.

A Cambodian Guide to Defending Land and Housing Rights

We’re pleased to say the manual has hit the presses, with the help of the Centre for Housing Rights and Evictions. More news to follow. You can see a selection of illustrations here, or just click on the picture.


Download: http://www.babcambodia.org/cambodianguide/Cambodia_Guide.html

The Life’s Choices web site is online!

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And we have gone back to press for a new print run – and if you’d like some copies, get in touch!
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