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November 6 – Flower of Battambang Exposition Opening

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Opening night photos:

Exposition Em Satya Meta-House 01
Exposition Em Satya Meta-House 09
Exposition Em Satya Meta-House 02
Exposition Em Satya Meta-House 05

Roughly half the exhibition pieces have been sold, give the show a look if you’d like one for yourself!

Meta-House Map

Graphic novel update: The premiere has been rescheduled to December 11, more news to follow.

Photos (more) courtesy Katharina Kast / Meta-House

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Flower of Battambang – Exposition Em Satya

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Sotha aspires to marry his sweetheart Phalla, the daughter of a wealthy merchant. But a street altercation casts suspicion and blame on him, and he leaves home to seek a better fortune in Phnom Penh. While Phalla tries to forget Sotha, and consents to an arranged marriage, doubt remains in her heart that this is the correct choice…

Our Books and Meta-House invite you to an exhibition of comic art by Em Satya, on November 6th, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Em Satya is an artist who has worked in nearly every field of illustration. Most foreigners have seen his cartoons as ‘Nono’ in Cambodge Soir, and many Khmer readers have enjoyed his comic adaptations of classics such as Sopaset and Sovannasam.
Now, he presents his first comic in graphic novel format, funded with the help of literary aid project VALEASE.

‘Flower of Battambang’ is a graphic novel set in Battambang and Phnom Penh, shelved when the market for local comics experienced a downturn. Nearly two decades later, Em Satya has taken up his pen and finished the story, which has been assembled into one volume.

The Exhibition will open on November 6th, 6pm (original art will be on sale).

The graphic novel (in Khmer, French and English) will premiere on November 20th.

Directions: Street 264 #6, Khan Daun Penh (Near Wat Botum). Click for map.

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Lire en Fete Cambodge

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Today, tomorrow and Saturday you’ll find Our Books at Lire en Fete book festival at the French Cultural Centre.
Lire en Fete 01
Lire en Fete
There we will have an overview of our archiving program, share audio and video clips of current projects, preview our new graphic novel (in Khmer, French and English) by Em Satya.

Khmer Comics, Punk Planet

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One might not necessarily associate punk rock with Cambodian comic books, but they certainly qualify as ‘do-it-yourself’ publishing. Article by Justin Hall, also to be republished in German magazine PLG.



“Nono’s” New Book

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1980s’ classic artist Em Satya (Sopaset, Sovannasam) makes a visit to the ‘Our Books’ offices to discuss his upcoming graphic novel. French readers may remember his work as ‘Nono’ in Cambodge Soir.