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Open Comics – Open Source [Khmer Version]

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We are welcoming feedback on our ‘Open Source’ comic now in English, German, Khmer, Lao, Thai & Vietnamese.

Online at http://open-comics.net


FOSS Asia Sketch Notes – 2014

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Thanks to Kong Monirath and Hong Bora, Our Books is pleased to share ‘sketch notes’ from 2014’s ‘Free And Open Source Software’ Meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! (http://http://fossasia.org)

Can you spot your picture / talk? All drawings are free for use, under Creative Commons 4.0 license. Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/105320485@N05/sets/72157642936360465/

A small selection of these will be on display at ‘Rik Reay’ gallery in Phnom Penh, from March 31 to April 19th.

BarCamp Cambodia 2013 Sketchnotes

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Inspired in large part by Julian Kucklich‘s tireless efforts, Kong Monirath, Prum Vannak, and Moeu Diyadaravuth will be drawing ‘Sketchnotes’ of BarCamp 2013’s sessions, in Khmer. Stay tuned for more art and news!

Update: Kong Monirath’s draft sketches are in for day one! Still sorting ‘em out:

How To Develop Your Digital Strategy – Be Chantra / @Chantra
Sketch Note_Kong Munirath (4)

Sketch Note_Kong Munirath (5)

The Use of ICT Tools For Promoting and Protecting Freedom Of Expression In Cambodia” – Lach Vannak / @LachVannak

Sketch Note_Kong Munirath (2)

Sketch Note_Kong Munirath (3)

Clogher in the Kingdom: Chak Sopheap / @JusMineSophea

Sketch Note_Kong Munirath (6)

ADB Facebook

Sketch Note_Kong Munirath (7)

E-Novel by by លី សុផាត

Sketch Note_Kong Munirath (8)

More sketchnotes to come! After formatting and editing we will post a revised English / Khmer version for each session we cover.  For download, see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/105320485@N05/

Prum Vannak: Back To The Drawing Board

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Daily Work_Prum Vannak_Web

In Pursat, artist Prum Vannak is hard at work on an autobiographical tale of his life away from home, trapped as illegal labor on a fishing ship. Labor trafficking is a huge concern for Cambodia, and we’re hoping his tale gets attention inside Cambodia as well as out to the world at large.

Vannak’s artwork will also feature in a presentation at TechCamp Phnom Penh, happening later this month.  Stay tuned for more from this prolific artist.  

Artist profile page: http://siewphewyeung.org.kh/artists/prum-vannak/

Prum Vannak art – from traffickee to honoree

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Artist Prum Vannak has been a unique supporter of the anti-trafficking movement.  As a web exclusive for Our Books, he shares a few scenes from his eventful life in the last year.

After escaping from labor trafficking, Vannak’s friends in his rural Pursat village didn’t believe him. So he drew about it,  laboriously detailing his time trapped on a fishing boat.


“A lot of migrants are trafficked to work on fishing ships in the gulf of Thailand and Malaysia. They work day and night, with no time to rest.”

It didn’t go unnoticed. His expressive and heartfelt drawings took him to meetings, workshops and eventually recognition from the US State Department.


Workshop at Immigration Department in Taiwan, 2012.


Meeting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton



Publishers have taken interest in collecting the artist’s works as a graphic novel, and we’ll share more news as plans progress.   When he’s not busy fighting the good fight, Vannak is looking to branch out into commercial illustration.
You can read more about Prom Vannak on his artist profile page.

Children Build A Family

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The two single-parent families of Ms. Kakada and Ms. Champey provide two very different examples of raising children. By raising children with compassion and respect, they are much more likely to succeed in school. Happy and healthy children also are much more capable to assist in routine chores and small income-generating activities for their families.

This 16 page (Khmer language) comic was illustrated by Moeu Diyadaravuth and colored by Kim Phally.
Produced with Equal Access Cambodia in coordination with their ‘We Can Do It’ radio series.


Khmer Language:
PDF(4.6 MB)
ePub (5.3 MB)
Mobi (3.7 MB)
Cbr(3.0 MB)
Cbz(3.1 MB)

Download (in Khmer):

Studying A Foreign Language

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A new teacher (Alex) arrives at the village school!  The students have an opportuntity to learn English. Kunthea is a model student, but her friends have different attitudes. Hong is less serious about lessons and study. Their friend Kiros finds she’s a bit shy in speaking.  Together, they work to puzzle out this new tongue.

This 16 page (Khmer language) comic was illustrated by Moeu Diyadaravuth and colored by Kim Phally.
Produced with Equal Access Cambodia in coordination with their ‘We Can Do It’ radio series.



Khmer Language:
PDF(3.1 MB)
ePub (4.5 MB)
Mobi (3.5 MB)
Cbr(3.0 MB)
Cbz(3.0 MB)

Group Study

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Vichet is assigned to make a presentation with his classmates Sreymom, Sophy and Samnang.
His first try doesn’t go so well. He is embarrassed in front of the class, and Samnang teases him afterward.
A second presentation is due and this time the study group chooses their presenter via a random ‘lucky draw’. Again, it’s Vichet!  Is this really luck?
Can Vichet and his classmates work together, or is he due to embarrass himself again?  It takes a mock presentation and the help of his friends to make a difference.

This 16 page (Khmer language) comic was illustrated by Moeu Diyadaravuth and colored by Kim Phally.
Produced with Equal Access Cambodia in coordination with their ‘We Can Do It’ radio series.series.

Khmer Language:
PDF(9.7 MB)
ePub (3.6 MB)
Mobi (4.9 MB)
Cbr(8.5 MB)
Cbz(8.5 MB)