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Bopha Battambang Book Launch

i Dec 13, 2007 1 Comment by

Bopha BattambangTuesday the 11th saw the book launch of Bopha Battambang and the closing of Em Satya’s Meta-House exhibition.

Thanks to Anne Elizabeth Moore for helping bring the idea of the ‘Comic Art Battle‘ to Cambodia, cheers to Andy Brouwer for the writeup.

Em Satya talked about his 17 year journey to publish ‘Bopha Battambang’ originally designed for publishing as a 3 part comic pamphlet in 1990, now formatted as a graphic novel by Our Books.
He answered a number of questions from a full house (standing room only) audience at Phnom Penh’s Meta-House, including many local artists.
Some photos of the Art Battle (below):

Teams One and Two had a mix of foreigners and Cambodians. The audience supplied the situation/scenario and the drawing adhered to a time limit.

First Challenge: An animal in an unusual situation: a water buffalo in a ‘lift’.



Challenge #2: A story suggested by the audience.

Team 1: The King who liked sweet cucumbers.


Team 2: The cow that got arrested.


The author judged the contestants, with the winner being Team One.
The evening concluded with with a book signing of ‘Bopha Battambang‘ and most of Em Satya’s remaining framed art was sold. English and French language versions will be available shortly.