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BarCamp Chiang Mai: DIY Comics Workshop

i Jun 20, 2010 Comments Off by

One of the many multifarious topics at BarCamp Chiang Mai:

How To Draw A Comic in 20 Minutes.” by Our Books Managing Editor John Weeks.

Barcamp Chiang Mai - Comics Workshop
(Above: Aimeng Pattanaiem and Hang Dao: ‘Is this guy serious’? Thanks to Minh Ngoc for photo.)

After a quick breakdown of tools, topic and format we jumped in, and shortly after took digital photos of the results.  (When would we get another chance?)


Below: PDFs of our comics!

Favorite_Things_Cover FootBall_Sucks_Cover
My Favorite Things Football Sucks
Mimi Shake_It_Cover
Talking To My Pet Mimi Shake It!

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