Soeung Makara

Soeung Makara began studies at the Royal University of Fine Arts in 1994, and quickly became interested in cartooning and animation. There he studied Graphic Design and did post-graduate study of Decoration and Architecture.  He began commercial work while in school, working for commercial clients and NGOs, including Damrey Saa (1998 to 2002).

Artist Makara worked as an editor at children’s magazine Tam Tam before setting up his own printing house, Grand Arts, in 1998. Since then, the company has published around 100 publications, many of which are for NGOs, illustrating issues surrounding HIV and AIDS awareness, water safety, and children’s rights. As well as being an illustrator and a businessman, Makara also has been exploring animation, and created a one-minute animation for Save the Children.

Soeng Makara also served to represent Cambodia’s comics community at the World Comics Conference, 2005.

Below: a page from 2009’s 24 Hour Comic Day.


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