Im Sokha

Im-SokhaIm Sokha was born in Kompong Cham. A compulsive drawer, he did not stay in school for long. In the 1980s flyers from Indian films captured his imagination, and he began drawing comics in many different genres –  film adaptations, adventure stories, romance and horror.  During the 1980s he was known as one of the fastest comic artists, able to draw an entire book in a few days.

Im Sokha was featured in the 2004 exhibition Bande Dessineé Au Cambodge (Comics of Cambodia) at Centre Culturel Français, Phnom Penh.

The artist has also worked as an editorial cartoonist for newspapers including Kampuchea Thmey. Article (The Cambodian Scene: ‘Making Metaphors’
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An article in the International Journal of Comic Art (Vol 12, No. 1, Spring 2011) by John Marston profiled Im Sokha’s prolific work as a creator of newspaper political cartoons.

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