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24 Hour Comics Day 2009 – Exhibition (and aftermath)

i Oct 5, 2009 1 Comment by


Every picture tells a story, and you can see them at Java Cafe and Gallery all this next month in Phnom Penh!


A stalwart crew arrived and each participant managed to adhere to the ‘one page / one hour’ rule! Thanks to Try Samphos, Qudy Xu, Lina Lim, Nhek Sophealeap, Soeung Makara, Tuy Chanthoeurn, Moeu Diyadaravuth, Sebastian Marot, Tek Tevin, Pou Chakriya, Sao Channa, and special thanks to Sim Sisavuthara and Kheng Vanleab for technical support!

Comics were scanned as we go and archived on Flickr, Comics Lifestyle, and will be sent to the International 24 Hour comics archive.


Kudos to Peou Ty and Sao Sreymao (1st and 2nd, respectively) for their overnight stint doing long stories! A night to remember!



More observation and commentary: blogger/Asialife writer Nathalie Abejero.


  1. Putree Ly
    October 1, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    this is really cool stuff happening and i’m glad to know that comics are being appreciated in Cambodia. I want to join but i’m only 13 and study in Northbridge International School Cambodia/ NISC ( cambodian ) and i draw japanese anime comics> When i saw some of the pages from the contest i thought the artist’s work looked more realistic than mine but than again my art is based on fantasy. I hope to go if my parents would let me ^^ but i want to wish the best of luck to artists that are joining the contest :)