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‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ – Exhibition (July 01 -14), Rik Reay Gallery

i Jun 26, 2013 1 Comment by

This May in Thailand, Our Books staff joined Mekong ICT Camp. The Camp aims to train and network young IT practitioners via trainings and seminars.

During a ‘Mekong BarCamp’ knowledge exchange, a small workshop brought together diverse minds to create a small comic. Participants were urged to draw quickly, on subjects they enjoyed or strongly disliked.
Workshop participants reflected the Camp’s diversity, with participants from Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, India and Laos.

Our very brief workshop was received enthusiastically and within a half hour of conclusion, these very simple comics were collected as a PDF, now available for download, sharable via a ‘Creative Commons’ 3.0 license.

The title of the exhibition reflects the workshop’s informal nature, and the irreverent enthusiasm of the participants.  Due to limited room at Rik Reay cafe/gallery space, pages will be changed every few days, and the entire exhibition will be available online via Flickr set and PDF.

Will there be more workshops like this to come? Expect it.

Comic PDF: http://db.tt/ox99Sisx
More on Mekong ICT Camp at : www.MekongICT.org

Mekong ICT Comic Workshop

Thanks to all participants and Mekong ICT staff! (Special thanks to ‘TazoChai’ for initial PDF.)
Cheers also to the Phnom Penh Post for spreading the word!
Photos of our very modest launch: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjGvdoZB

Note: Our Books is extending this exhibition by one week. Beginning Monday the 22nd of August, we will feature new artwork by Chan Pisey and Moeu Diyadaravuth.

Try Samphos Exhibition

i Jun 17, 2013 1 Comment by

From July 17 to 30th at Rik Reay gallery space: solo exhibition!


Ms. Try Samphos is a young Cambodian artist who creates visual art and comic art, utilizing traditional drawing and computer design. She has trained with Room To Read, SIPAR, and numerous education-related organizations including the Buddhist Institute.

Her diverse publication CV includes work with the Wildlife Conservation Society, PSI, Our Books, SIPAR and her own self-published imprint, Comics Art. She has also volunteered for the Cambodia Book Federation and assisted and participated in numerous workshops, seminars, trainings and art events.

She is one of a growing number of young artists who are familiar with traditional Cambodian culture and popular Khmer culture, speaking in her own voice with enthusiasm and innovation. This very brief exhibition shows a small sampling of her wide-ranging skills.

For more information on her diverse publications, you can visit her artist profile page at OurBooksCambodia.org or contact: Samphos2003@Yahoo.com.