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Séra Workshop

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Séra Workshop Khmer-French comic artist Phouséra (‘Séra’) Ing will be teaching a Workshop on Comics, aimed at young professionals. Phnom Penh Dates are April 9 to April 12 – and after a short break, continuing/concluding April 18 – April 20th.

Séra is currently conducting a workshop at Phare Art School in Battambang.

Workshop Application – Khmer[PDF] Workshop Application – French[PDF] For the Phnom Penh Workshop, contact:

Responsable de la médiathèque du CCFdu Cambodge
214 rue Keo Chea (184)
Phnom Penh
(855) 012 802 702

muriel [dot] piffeteau [at] ccf-cambodge [dot] org

A Khmer Version of his graphic novel ‘Water and Earth’ will be available in Khmer shortly. If you want to bump up the print run, pre-orders are encouraged.


Emmanuelle Billier-Gauthier

Responsable du Développement/Development Manager

Centre de Ressources et de Documentation

Cambodge Soir Phnom Penh, Cambodge

ebgauthier [via] gmail [dot] com

00 855 (0)92 91 63 71


Séra Exhibition begins April 4th at Centre Culturel Français, Phnom Penh.

Seen on CIC

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Cheers to CambodiaCIC.info (that’s Cambodia Community Information Centre) for spreading the word and linking to Life’s Choices!

Séra: Deux Faces

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Centre Culturel Français, Phnom Penh [translated from March/April Programme]
sera image

• Wednesday, April 4: Meeting with the author at 18:00
• Opening of Exhibition at 19:00 and author’s dedication at 19:30
• Duration of Exhibition: From April 5 to May 4, 2007

As a comic artist, aficionado of comics, painter, artist and teacher of comics, and a person who is involved with information technology,

“Séra has long been working in diverse areas. In fact, this combination of these is the true nature of Séra’s work. One of Séra’s comics which is ascribed to the artistic experience of his, turns visual narration into information technology in order to learn about multicultural experience. In a dozen books, he already explored numerous narrative and figurative subjects. There is a feeling there are more surprises to come.  It is rare that a strip cartoonist becomes a reference. Such is already the case of Sera.
– Phillipe Morin PLG

Born in Cambodia in 1960, Séra has never ceased producing art with reference to the history of his country. Two years after the publication of Water and Earth by Editions Delcourt, Séra is working on his third graphic novel relating to the Khmer Rouge regime to presented by the same publisher: Following Days of Ashes dates back to the events in 1979 during which the Vietnamese troops moved in and invaded the country, and the end of the Pol Pot era.

As such, not only this dual-purpose exhibition will provide an opportunity to unveil some aspects addressed in the above work, and also other work of Sera in large format.

To present this new work of his in Cambodia, Séra is preparing for three public events in Phnom Penh. An additional event of interest for those who are amateur graphic artists or amateur comic artists is the premiere of the graphic novel Water and Earth (licensed from Editions Delcourt) published in Khmer language by Editions du Mékong.
[More information on Khmer Edition and Artists’ Workshop to follow.]

Comics On TV

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Apsara TV Vuth and Leap 04 Nhek Sophaleap (Penciler) and Moeu Diyadaravuth (sketch artist) appear on Apsara TV’s ‘Scent of Woman’ pop culture show to talk about ‘Life’s Choices’ and how comics are made.
(Saturday, March 03)
They were also joined by 1980s comic artist Sin Yang Pirom, who talked about her past and present work. Apsara TV Sin Yang Pirom