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Comics with Care

i Sep 18, 2006 Comments Off by

Well, after six months a ‘care package’ of Top Shelf comics arrived from Portland Oregon!

Thanks Brett! Thanks Chris!

Above: Artist Soeung Makara (holding ‘Owly’), Lim Santepheap, Sim Sisuvathara, John Weeks.

Why it took so long going through the postal service is a mystery.

Maybe someone was busy reading the books before it got to us?

We’re going to need to find a place for these and other comics for our archiving program! All in due time.

Superfast sketch artist, Moeu Diyadaravuth, and Photoshop whiz, Samphos, try to check out the goodies.

“Nono’s” New Book

i Sep 15, 2006 Comments Off by

1980s’ classic artist Em Satya (Sopaset, Sovannasam) makes a visit to the ‘Our Books’ offices to discuss his upcoming graphic novel. French readers may remember his work as ‘Nono’ in Cambodge Soir.